Thursday, 08 December 2022

Hydraulic nailing machine with belt (CHT)

The continuous hydraulic Nailing machine (CHT 02) is the ideal solution for companies with a daily product output of approximately 1500 pallets (in an 8-hour shift). Built with a tubular steel structure, the hydraulic nailing machine with belt is the best solution available to manufacture wooden pallets with a maximum operating size of 1400mm (length) and 1200mm (width; the width is electrically adjusted).

The equipment of hydraulic nailing machine with belt

This nailing machine with belt comes with 7 molds which are quick to disassemble and has high power to ensure a fast and precise process. The nailing machine furthermore has 26 nailing tweezers in galvanized steel with single pneumatic locking system (the number of tweezers can be customized to fit customer requirements). All the operating sequences are automated and controlled by PLC. Finally, the nailing system features all the protections and safety systems required by the applicable EC Directives as standard.



  • 26 nailing tweezers in galvanized steel
  • Use of loose nail to considerably lower production costs
  • Oil-hydraulic nail distributors, each with 15 outfeeds
  • Counterbalancing nailing bar which can automatically level itself on the product
  • Chariot with belt built out of tubular steel with 7 jigs and 2 chains with automatic unloading of product
  • Chains which slide on low-noise guides in polyzen
  • The company reserves the right to change technical specifications and construction methods without notice. In some pictures, due to photographic reasons, there are not some of the safety devices.



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Stamping machine (TIM 4/6)

Using the thermic stamping machine the operator can brand the pallets. Equipped with 4 or 6 customizable branding heads in bronze.

Angle cutting machine (TGAN)

This auxiliary equipment allows the machine to smoothen the angles of the pallet by means of a cutting sequence at an angle of 45°.

Pallet Tilter of 90° (GP90)

Auxiliary machinery in tubular steel structure which allows the machine to rotate the pallets by 90°to prepare them for the following processing operations and to ensure proper stacking.

Vicetype pallet tilter (GPIN)

The machine allows the operator to tilt the pallet on itself through a piece of equipment that incorporates a vice run by pneumatic cylinders.

Alternating pallet tilter (GPT)

By means of a tilter with rotary belt and steel structure, the pallet is rotated by 180°. It is also configured to perform the transfert function.

Milling machine with 6 cutters from the top (SMTA)

Chamfering unit for in-line deck boards in tubular structure with cutting depth adjuster. Equipped with 6 cutters from the top (for CHT).

Milling machine 6 heads from the bottom (SMTB)

Chamfering unit for in-line deck boards with tubular steel structure and cutting depth adjuster. Equipped with six cutter from the bottom (for CHA).

Automatic blocks feeder (CAT)

Automatic feeder that allows the machine to load blocks that are already cut in the nailing machine without the need for the operator to intervene.

Double tweezers (DP)

An optional equipment of the block-cutting machine that allows the operator to double the productive capacity while maintaining cutting precision and speed.


Lateral transfert (TLT)

Accessory that enables the automated lateral movement of the pallets by means of an alignment barrier.

Motorized Belt Conveyor (MAG6)

The terminal part of the stacking unit, the warehouse allows the operator to unload the processed pallets. It is equipped with a photocell to the stop the machine when the warehouse is full.

Automatic unloading device (DD500)

Assembled on a mobile counter, thanks to a pneumatic cylinder, the device adjusts the automatic scrapping of the head and tail of the joist.


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