Friday, 09 December 2022

Which machines are recommended for pelleting on an industrial scale?

For a daily production of an industrial type we recommend the X-Master hydraulic nailer, which produces pallets of at least 800mm in length and 600mm in width up to a maximum of 2100mm in length and 2500mm in width. Another recommended machine is the [...]

How occours the nailing adjustment and the speed of the working cycle in nailing machines done?

The working cycle speed and nailing adjustment are automatically adjusted by the operator using the touch-screen control panel P.L.C. (Processing Loading Control), with which the number and combination of the spikes to be carried out is automatically [...]

What is the innovative technology of the ALL IN 1 hydraulic nailer?

The innovative technology of the ALL IN 1 hydraulic nailer is the ability to simultaneously perform the nailing of the top and bottom of the pallet using a double bar, halving the production time of pallets. The pliers ensure perfect nailing of the l [...]

What are auxiliary equipment for?

Auxiliary equipment such as: • the automatic feeder for the squares; • the alternating or carpet nailer; • the thermal stamper; • 6-head milling machine; • the stacking group; • inventory; are used to make the production cycle comp [...]

Do you also plan custom machines for pallet production?

Yes, our company has a design office, where technicians and designers are involved in creating types of nailers and implants for the construction of pallets, taking into account the main customization features requested by customers. [...]


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