Thursday, 08 December 2022


The excellent quality of the nailing machines and pallet-manufacturing systems is supported by a high-profile Customer Service to precisely and promptly cater to the requests of all our customers. As a matter of fact, staff at Delta includes professional figures with diversified skills and expertise to answer to specific company requirements in each of the sectors that are part of our business.


Starting from the engineering division, where our designers study and design several types of nailing machines and systems for the manufacture of pallets in the most minute detail, mindful of the main requests for customization which allow us to supply a unique product to our customers.


But also in the production division, where projects take shape and the machines are developed, assembled and tested on site before they are delivered.


Our staff of qualified installers then takes care of assembling the machine and its commissioning.


The range of services is completed by a timely technical support service at the full disposal of our customers to solve machine faults and carry out repairs, but also to provide routine and special maintenance on the machinery and systems.


If you would like to know more about our Customer Service, you can write us in the CONTACT US section of the website.